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M U S I C   P R O D U C T I O N

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Over 30 years of experience in all aspects of music production -- theatre, live concerts, audio for television & film, live broadcast, studio recording, mixing, and mastering

The first major step in my career came in 1982 as I took a position managing a 5,000 seat outdoor concert venue.  Most of the equipment, including the mixing console, was custom built and I continued to maintain and use the existing equipment , as well as replace and and augment it with more professionally accepted gear.  It was a lot of fun, but working outdoors in Texas summers would not have been my first choice!


In late 1984, I joined a small Dallas firm with big plans to build a medium size audio production truck.  The truck quickly grew into a full scale audio production unit offering 48 tracks of 2" analog, or 48 tracks of digital, specializing in audio-for-video, live broadcast, and live album work.  Our work paid off in at least one gold record, a couple of Emmies, and several PBS Great Performances productions.  My portfolio grew to include just about any kind of music from bluegrass and country, jazz and rock, to big band and opera.  Still suffering those Texas summers, but 5-1/2 tons of air conditioning in a 32 foot truck made it much more tolerable!  The inevitable take-over of inexpensive DAW rigs spelled the end for the medium sized, smaller-market trucks and I had to adapt as well. 


I closed the chapter on the truck and started writing a new one on how to get everything I needed for 32 track live recording in the back of my Audi.  My passion was, and still is, live production.  The intensity... the interaction... the role of an audience... it's addictive.  I continued to do some studio work, but really focused on capturing live performances.


Fast forward several years and I find myself in Durango, CO, and while my business interests have expanded, my love for recording is still the same.  My home has been transformed into a studio (...I wonder why I'm not married) and I continue to do as much live recording as I can fit into my schedule.  In the meantime, mixing and mastering are very fulfilling as well.  Contrary to what you may read on the web, there are a LOT of good recordings being made in small studios, homes, and garages these days.  I really enjoy helping take those projects to the next level.


If you have a project and need some help, let's talk!  After more than 3 decades in the business, I would like to think I can contribute in many different ways and usually within most any budget.  I look forward to working with you!



A B O U T  

T R I P L E   J  M U S I C  P R O D U C T I O N 




From 32 track digital recordings to simple 2-track analog or archival recordings, a system can be assembled to fit the need and easily integrated with the live sound company. 


B e t t e r   y e t ,   l e t   u s   p  r o v i d e   t h e   l i v  e   s o u n d    f o r   y o u r   e v e n t .


A U D I O  F O R  V I D E O


Whether hand-held, shotgun, wireless, etc., we are equipped for mobile shoots from simple ENG to full music video production. 


We can also provide options for audio playback and sync capabilities 





From full music tracking in the space of your choice, to overdubs or voice over work.  Tracking available in home studio as well as  a 3,000 square foot beautiful wooden live room. 


Other local rooms available on request.





Live Vocal

3 Shure Beta58

3 Shure SM58

1 Sennheiser XSW65 Wireless Handheld


Instrument / multi purpose

1 Sennheiser MD441

5 Sennheiser MD421

2 Sennheiser e609

1 Heil PR40

1 Sennhesier e902 Kick Drum Mic

2Beyer M88

2 Audix i5



2 Beyer MC930

2 Sennheiser e614

2 Audio-Technica AT2021

2 AKG 451E

2 Audio-Technica Pro-35

2 Oktava MK-012 Hypercardiod


Studio / specialty

2 AKG C414 B-ULS

1 Lauten LT-381 Oceanus

1 Neumann TLM 193

2 Audio-Technica AT4050

1 Beyerdynamic M260

1 Apex 205 (MJE modified)


Countryman and Radial DI boxes

Studio and Location Gear


Dual screen iMac w/Pro Tools 12

Avid Artist Mix

MacBook Pro w/Pro Tools 12, Waves TracksLive

Ampex AG-440C, 1/4" 1/2 track tape machine

Dolby 363 Frame  w/A & SR

Nakamichi DAT recorder

Toft, Midas, Audient, and RME mic preamps

Drawmer, Aphex, and ART compressors

2 Bryston 2B

1 Crown D-75

1 Pair - Tannoy System 600

1 Pair - KRK 6000/S

1 Pair - B&W DM604 S2


Twelco TW-4 (3) channel ENG mixer

Zoom H4n recorder

Alesis HD24 Hard Disk Recorder

Sennheiser MKH 415T shotgun mic

Gitzo G557 boom pole

2 EW-100 Sennheiser ENG wireless systems




PA Gear


1 Mackie DL32R w/2 iPads

1 Yamaha 01V Digital Console

2 QSC KW152 powered mains

2 QSC KW181 powered sub

2 QSC K12 powered speaker/monitor

2 QSC K10 powered speaker/monitor

2 QSC HPR122i powered speaker/mon


24 channels of audio split, transformer iso


Full stage power distribution/conditioning

Full compliment of stands/cabling





Track your project wherever you like... your own project studio, local studio, live recording from the PA company, whatever you may have. 

We can import any DAW's files that are wav or aif format, in almost any sample/bit rate.  Editing and mixing are done on state-of-the art equipment including modern, vintage, and in-the-box tools.  See our gear list for more details.


*Standard pricing includes consultation to determine the direction of the project and the desired "sound" as well as one re-mix after proofing the original.  Subsequent work will be on an hourly basis or by negotiated arrangement.



J J J  M I X O L O G Y







Tannoy, KRK , and B&W monitors driven by Bryston and Crown amplifiers

Apple iMac and MacBook Pro running Pro Tools 12

Euphonix work surfaces

MOTU  interfaces



N E E D  P R O  A S S I S T A N C E ? 


With access to a large pool of excellent studio musicians, we can also economically add whole elements to your songs.  Need back up vocals? strings? horns? a guitar lead?  Just ask.





J J J  M A S T E R I N G        






The finishing touch to your project... and one that often gets omitted due to budget constraints.  Don't let a few dollars stop your project from having the final polish and levels expected in today's competitive music market.  Whether it's mp3s for download, CD/SACD, or vinyl, your work deserves to be finished off in a professional fashion. 



*Standard pricing includes consultation, proofing, and one re-master of your song or album.  Subsequent work priced hourly or by special arrangement.





We pride ourselves not in the squashed, slammed, clipped sounds so common to the "we'll master any song for $25" crowd, but in a very musical approach to EQ, compression, and leveling. 


You'll hopefully notice on our music sample page, that our expertise shows up in a light hand on the controls and preserving the dynamics and emotion of your work... all the while ensuring that levels are strong and the songs very "listenable" in any environment.  Audiophile systems, home theater systems, headphones, and car audio systems are all considerations in our final product.  We like to think we strike an artful balance in the mastering process that differentiates us from the gaggle of online robotic mastering shops.









Jeff  Jones                                   


phone:  970.560.2873

email: jeffjones.dro@gmail.com







Rates & Fees



  • $40/hour @ Home Studio

  • $50/hour @ local Studio

  • $75/hour @ Wooden Live Room (3,000 sq ft)




  • $100/song  (24 track limit)

  • or $50/hour based on client need and project content





  • $50/song (negotiable based on size of project)




Archival Transfers or Format Conversion

  • $50/hour or by negotiated arrangement based on project

PA System

  • Basic system $350 with engineer (8 hour day - up to 2 bands)

  • Festival and special events priced by consultation

  • special non-profit discounts offered based on availability







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